Our Service:

A Mixture of

a Good Hand and Smart Workflow.

At JP1985 we craft images that breath detail and uniqueness, impact audiences and move emotions. Nevertheless, our love for things well done, also determines our close and trustful service. 

Creative Thinking

  • PDF  Pre-Project Feedback

  • Handmade Sketches

  • 3D Element Casting for CGI Scenarios

  • Creative & Art Direction

  • Key Visual Conceptualization

Image Production

  • CGI

  • Rendering & Animation

  • Photography Production

  • Creative Retouching

  • Image Post Production

Project Optimization

  • Workflow Planning & Schedule Development

  • Renderfarm Rendering

  • Email, Skype & WhatsApp Availability

  • CGI Consulting

Think Globally, Act Locally

We connect Chile’s greatest CGI Talents in order to export amazing world-class work. Prove us wrong.

Are you looking for  special?

It could be Automotive CGI or even Architectural Visualization, our Taex Program allows us to easily access a multidisciplinary team of specialists, assuring our maximum performance no matter your CGI need, it also helps promoting and exporting our local talents, giving fair and secure treatments to our artists network.

If you are a talented and responsible CGI artist living in Chile and would like to be part of our online specialist network, please follow this link:

Join Taex as an artist (Chile Only)