When Artplan Agency from Brazil sends the request to build a CGI illustration Map for Rock In Rio Festival in very short time, you do not ask too many questions.

¿Are you in or are you out?

Sketch and Modeling

There were about 20 specific elements that had to be modeled in just one week  to accomplish the deadline goals. The agency sent us tons of folders with some images, zip files and PowerPoints that we had to dive into. It was mad for our 3D artist Giulia, she started right away. In the meanwhile Felipe the illustrator started to arrange the elements on the sketch.

Render & Retouching

After modeling the whole scene, our 3D generalist Benjamin started to build some materials and work out  the lightning for the render, it had to be something that we could change easily in post production, we did not have much time for this, the project had already taken too long on the sketch and modeling stage. The real final work had to be done in Photoshop.

At the end, client and agency were very pleased with the result, and more than that, very pleased with our service and flexibility to manage the project.

We think it turned out quite well, what about you?