Creative Thinking

CIC Furnitures came to us with the idea of making 3 CGI scenes to show their new winter collection. We drew handmade sketches to get the approval of the scene and then passed it to our 3D Artist.


  • Pre Production Meeting
  • PDF  Pre-Project Feedback & Devolution
  • Handmade Sketches
  • Art Direction

CGI Production

From the handmade sketches we modeled the rooms and some specific elements from the Winter Collection. After rendering we took this to our High-End Post Production and Creative Retouching.


  • 3D element casting
  • 3D modeling of rooms and elements
  • Material and Ligh Development
  • Creative Retouching and Post Production

Project Optimization

Our Executive Producer took this project from start, building the bridges between art and business, allowing our client to feel close to the process and our know-how.


  • Workflow Planning & Schedule Development
  • Renderfarm Rendering
  • Email, Skype & WhatsApp Availability

From hand-drawn sketches, through an extensive element casting, to the use of an international renderfarm to obtain the highest quality in record time.

Definitely a treat for those who need to feel the freedom of worldmaking.