are not random.

TBWA Chile commissioned a full Creative CGI print for the Nissan NP 300. The idea of a jackpot representing the unexpected and complex that could become everyday routes for a vehicle like this, was very exiting, nevertheless it tested us from the start.

On the one hand, we faced the possibility of generating a very attractive and powerful graphic piece, while on the other, required us to plan and take care of every detail from the first sketches.

Creative Thinking

Handmade Images is our watchword. We took care of details from the start, even though the agency sent us a photoshop draft,  we had to generate our own sketch, we drew and organized the landscapes in a logical and realistic way, respecting the natural position of a jackpot.


  • Pre Production Meeting
  • PDF  Pre-Project Feedback & Devolution
  • Handmade Sketches
  • Art Direction

CGI Production

We created a 3D base with some elements, but most of the details were done using a mix of techniques, from digital illustration to creative retouching.  We worked on six different photoshop files for each landscape that were joined in the final process.


  • 3D Development
  • Digital illustration & Creative Retouching