DYU Chile commissioned us the new prints for Mega’s soap opera «Sres. Papis».

We are imagemakers we create worlds. Our CGI Full Service gives the freedom to assemble endless high-end scenarios with a very attractive look that moves audiences.

Talent Photography: schkolnick.com


Carlos Cuevas – art director – had in mind a very clear type of car and motorbike, the first models we presented were not the right ones, however our library of 3D elements allowed us to achieve the desired result, correctly integrated on stage, using the lighting and shadows from the render.


  • Development of 3D Logotype
  • Construction of background with stock imagery
  • 3D stage
  • 3D car and motorcycle
  • Post production and creative retouching for whole scene
  • Post production and high-end retouching for character skins
  • Integration of characters on stage
  • Finishing look and format adaptations